Magnificent on the beach décor in a spectacular setting, impeccable hospitality and the latest modern conveniencies combine to provide a uniquely enriching hideaway experience.

Virtù Suites is located in Agios Prokopios. Agios Prokopios lies right after Saint George’s beach and it is approximately 4 kilometers from Naxos Town, which is why many people choose to take a leisurely walk there or get there by bike. Awarded for its quality waters on both a Greek and international level, the beach of Agios Prokopios is truly magnificent. Right behind the beach and towards its northern end there lie the remains of a salt pan which was part of an industry many decades ago. This long beach of light coloured thick sand has bright turquoise waters and its natural beauty is such that it attracts many visitors making it among the 3 most popular beaches of Greece. Its unique colour and surroundings are what makes some people think of Agios Prokopios as a giant swimming pool. Apart from its splendor beauty, Agios Prokopios is the perfect place to accommodate modern couples, romantic honeymooners and yoga addicts. Agios Prokopios is definitely the area to stay, eat and have fun from early till late. 


A complete boutique experience accommodation

Cyclades and Aegean Sea are the definition of summer and hospitality. But our passion goes beyond a luxury villa or a boutique hotel accommodation. Experience one of Greece’s top beach resorts, wrapped in Virtù’s comfort and intuitive care. Enjoy a superb spa and beachside dining, plus easy access to inspiring activities and inclusive facilities. A guarantee for a luxury accommodation. A great —on the beach location— some meters away from Agios Prokopios fine pebbles rejuvenation and harmony calmness sand. Hospitality, harmony and local tasteful culinary delights, transform your holidays from a hideaway honeymooners purpose to a holistic experience of total relaxation.


Vacation should be an inspirational experience

Virtù Suites offers you the ultimate holistic approach for an Aegean Sea island stay that should be experienced at least once in a lifetime. Elegant suites, with eclectic and unique aesthetics in a combination with an extraordinary cycladic tasty treasure cuisine and uniquely recreational activities that will fulfill all your needs and senses, they will not leave you indifferent. For a romantic getaway on an affordable luxury accommodation experience, Virtù offers an elegant alternative of a retreat vacation, in order to get away from it all, relax, and enjoy every moment of your honeymoon. Our restaurant offers all day launch and dining facilities, while our bar offers an all day large scale cocktail catalogue. Being served with celebrated wines, distinctive dishes with countless variations combined with relaxation, calmness and safety are some of the opportunities to extend your stay being fulfilled of comforts. A luxury Virtù summer on the island of Naxos.


Affordable exquisite gastronomy

Virtù endorses the local products and producers. A complete cycladic tasty treasure cuisine is hidden between the lines of the restaurant menu. A mediterranean eating practice, equals to a holistic hospitality and luxury accommodation experience. All of our dishes are being prepared with love and devotion to time and quality so that their fragrance and taste are being immediately distinct. Local famous drinks combined with a large scale classical and modern cocktails served to you all day under the bright sunlight of a genuine cycladic island. Our restaurant offers all day launch and dining facilities, while our bar offers an all day large scale cocktail catalogue.